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About Us

Arche Dizayn, Eczacıbaşı Company which is operating with its young and dynamic staff presents all kinds of barhroom, ceramic, armature and kitchen accessories of Bosch brand. Franke, Dominox and Faber brand flush devices give kitchens technological and aesthetic view.

Having a large experience on projects and top-selling Arche Design both in the country and abroad, it even serves to its customers the best products and the prices in the site.

Besides the products and kinds of them, the company serves with three dimentional project making by experienced architects.


To be a company operating in Turkey and abroad, creat policies for more productive point-of-sale of customer-focused product and service quality, make marketing channels, creat commercial reliability of the foundation, provide the global economy in the most accurate and active way in the frame of a corporate identity.


Is to establish the foundation of Arche Dizayn's trade understanding. Commercial reputation is the most important element of our corporate policy.

To ensure this;

  • To understand our customers' needs and requirements properly,
  • To steer the current demands properly,
  • Following the service provided,
  • By adopting contemporary commercial methods, providing optimum benefit to our customers,
  • We will continue to improve our position by taking on continuous improvements and innovations,
  • To act in a friendly commercial sense to renewable resources in line with nature and human respect.